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Background Checks

Little League International Background Check Program

Little League International Child Protection Program

There are 5 items in total that are needed.

Little League International - 2 items required from ALL volunteers

  1. Complete Background Check Application JDP screening website.  Managers and coaches will receive an email from JDP that will take them to the form to fill out. For Fall ball, send your email address to be used to [email protected].  For Spring ball, the league will already have a list of coaches and email addresses to submit to JDP.

  2.  Copy of a government issued photo ID.

The LLI background clearances are done every year.

Pennsylvania State Requirements - 3 items required from ALL volunteers

  1. If PA Resident for the past 10 years, complete this certification form:  PA State Background Certification form
    OR - If not a PA resident for the past 10 years, go to the Keep Kids Safe PA website and follow the procedure.  The service code used for FBI fingerprinting is 1KG6ZJ   (DHS Volunteer).

  2. Submit your request for a free volunteer criminal history check with the PA State Police and save the results (takes 5 minutes).

  3. Submit your request for a free child abuse clearance report (A pin is NOT needed when you select "volunteer" and have not performed one of these clearance checks in the past 56 months) and save the results.  The questionnaire is detailed and will ask for addresses and co-habitants back to 1975 so you may want to have that information ready before you start the questionnaire.  Results after submission take 1-3 business days and you will get an e-mail notification.  Child Abuse Clearance

The PA State clearances are good for 5 years.

If you are a teacher or have gone through the PA complete checks in the past year as part of your employment or other volunteer work, please submit your clearance to [email protected].  These PA Checks do not fulfill the other LLI requirements listed is #1 and #2.

Submitting information to the League
Once you have all the required documents:

  -- Government issued ID
  -- PA State Background Certification OR FBI Finger print
  -- PA State Police Criminal History Report
  -- Child Abuse Clearance

Submit all documents to [email protected]
Only send when you have all 3 required documents.

Sample Forms

Your PA State Completed Package should look like this sample for non-fingerprinted volunteers
Sample PA clearance results

The PA Fingerprint Clearance should look similar to this although it may come from the  Department of Human Services also.
Sample PA fingerprint clearance

Other Background Check Information

Guidance on new process - New PA background check requirements

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